WordPress Widget King Pages

WordPress Widget King Pages WappenThis is the long awaited Widget to handle the Pages Navigation within WordPress. As usual i gave you a whole bunch of switches, covering all aspects of the page menu.

This is definitly not the final state since the framework offers quite some more widget features, but i build this widget some time ago and had not the time to fill it up all the way. This way it leaves some air for updates :-)


initial Version 0.53 

– all options for wp_list_pages() covered

– use foldable Pages List if Plugin is installed

– remote Version check

– HTML fields to customize HTML before/after widget

– Fully localizable with gettext Translation (German Translation included in framework)

– based on the king framework


English Admin Screens

king_pages_admin_screen_1.jpg king_pages_admin_screen_1.jpg

king_pages_admin_screen_2.jpg king_pages_admin_screen_2.jpg

 Comming Features

– Where to show
– copy Options from another Widget
– Options Dumper
– Show only to capability xy 

– Whatever you might suggest… 


Of course you should have wordpress widgets installed and activated. If not, you can find the download and install instructions over at

– Copy king-pages.php into your plugins widget folder -> where your widgets.php is !!!

– Copy the widget Framework (/king-includes Folder) into /plugins !!

– activate in Pluginarea.

– Drag the King Widget on one of your sidebars, set the default Option switch and then play with it.


Version 0.53 (09.07.2006 21:30)
don´t forget to download the king-widget framework


Please don´t hesitate to give me a feedback if this is usefull or if you think you found a bug!

Have fun! 

Georg Leciejewski



32 Comments to WordPress Widget King Pages

  1. 02.07.2009 at 17:16

    Очень понравился ваш блог! Подписался на rss. Буду регулярно читать.

  2. pat's Gravatar pat
    05.02.2009 at 4:09

    Hi, I have a problem when activating plugin, I get a blank screen.

    I’m using WP 2.7, all other necessary plugins are OK.

    Please give me a minute with some tip or idea how to run it, THX in advance.

  3. matthew's Gravatar matthew
    07.12.2007 at 10:45

    I tried installing on the same folder as my widgets.php file but then it doesnt show up on the plugins page. If i place in the plugins folder i get:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_admin_page_title() in /usr/www/users/ralkca/wp-admin/admin-header.php on line 12

    any ideas?

  4. jwqlb's Gravatar jwqlb
    21.09.2007 at 1:30

    lieber schorsch,

    leider funktioniert dein plugin nicht bei wp version 2.2.
    was kann ich tun?
    ich bitte um unterstützung.

    mit quedlinburgigen grüßen

  5. mnrmn's Gravatar mnrmn
    09.09.2007 at 7:35


    using WP2.0.11 and it works well, only that it doesn’t exclude any other pages. every other page shows the sidebar when i just want to show the sub-pages related to the same page ONLY. hmmm.

  6. 07.08.2007 at 3:34

    Hey, was wondering if this plugin can integrate the ability to display or not display the ‚Page‘ from the Page Link Manager plugin
    and the ability to list page in preferential order
    ( OR

    BTW–thanks for the plugins =P.

  7. 15.07.2007 at 15:46

    Waiting eagerly for WP 2.2.1 compatibility. Essential tool for professional sites!


  8. Pedro's Gravatar Pedro
    14.06.2007 at 15:28

    …hummm… drag problem also FF2+WP2.2…. in this great great plugin.

    hope it can be quick resolved.

  9. Trisha Cupra's Gravatar Trisha Cupra
    11.06.2007 at 7:39

    This widget (and the other king widgets) is breaking my WP2.2 installation. Will you update these widgets? I’ve always enjoyed them.

  10. jon's Gravatar jon
    20.04.2007 at 20:22

    to 24,25,36: solution for the dragndrop problem:
    There is an error in king_widget_functions.php. One statements in the file refers to „prototype.lite.js“, this should be changed to „prototype-lite.js“. Credits go to ? [can’t remember who found it].

  11. lordakoa's Gravatar lordakoa
    19.04.2007 at 3:45

    same here IE 7.0 king-include .70 WP 2.1.3

  12. Narcanti's Gravatar Narcanti
    03.03.2007 at 2:27

    Yep, I have the same problem using WP 2.1.2 an king-include 0.70 an FF2

  13. sugardaddy's Gravatar sugardaddy
    15.02.2007 at 18:04

    Maybe found a bug !
    unable to drag and drop in the widgets sidebar.
    Wordpress 2.1 + last king-includes (or 0.68) + king-pages
    with or without sliding javascript.
    Using firefox 2

  14. ovidiu's Gravatar ovidiu
    15.01.2007 at 21:51

    um nochmal auf post #12 zurückzukommen:

    Trägt man eine Zahl unter “auszuschließende Seiten” ein, wird dieser wert in das nächste Feld “anzeige Tiefe” übernommen.

    könnte uns jemand helfen diesen Bug zu beheben? er macht das ganze plugin für mich unbrauchbar…

  15. 30.12.2006 at 2:00

    Silly error on my part. The plugin is working GREAT now. Very nice addition. Tow suggestions: 1. The menu items are double spaced takin a lot of sidebar space – single or optional would be better; and 2. Pages to include instead of exclude would be more practical.

    Thanks for your efforts!

  16. 30.12.2006 at 0:19

    Installed Framework and activated no problem. Installed King Pages but activation yielded these errors:

    Warning: include_once(widgets.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/ccai/html/blog/wp-content/plugins/king-pages.php on line 307

    Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ‚widgets.php‘ for inclusion (include_path=‘.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear‘) in /home/ccai/html/blog/wp-content/plugins/king-pages.php on line 307

  17. Free Templates's Gravatar Free Templates
    20.12.2006 at 18:59

    Great plugin. However im getting errors. I dont know if i can paste here. Perhaps someone could help me!

  18. modus's Gravatar modus
    10.11.2006 at 15:12

    Sorry, habe gerade auch rausgefunden, dass das hinzufügen schon funktioniert. 1.000 Dank!

  19. modus's Gravatar modus
    10.11.2006 at 14:43

    Es wäre ein tolles Feature, wenn man statische Links innerhalb der Liste hinzufügen könnte, also nicht nur HTML vor/nach der Liste sondern als Eintrag innerhalb der Listenstruktur, am einfachsten wohl am Anfang oder Ende. Damit wäre WP als ‚kleines‘ CMS noch flexibler einsatzbar.

    Zum Thema widgettitle (K15): Es würde ja schon reichen, eine eigene Klasse hinzuzufügen, mit deren Hilfe man den Titel dann ausblenden könnte.

  20. Administrator's Gravatar Administrator
    25.10.2006 at 17:46

    @ovidiu: you can use html comments in the before / after fields ot stop the title from displaying. but i´ll also check about the output if left empty.

  21. ovidiu's Gravatar ovidiu
    25.10.2006 at 9:03

    Hello there,

    could we have an option not to show „widgettitle“ ? I mean if I leave the title empty because I do not want a widget title, the output, still outputs „widgettitle“ but leaves the content empty so that I waste space in my sidebar…
    I would like to cut that output totally away if I leave the widgettitle empty, looks nicer this way…

  22. 08.10.2006 at 16:52

    Wollte nochmals fragen ob der BUG schon erkannt wurde, da dieses schöne Plugin sonst nicht zu nutzen geht….

    Grüße Klaus

  23. Klaus's Gravatar Klaus
    09.09.2006 at 15:24


    Habe einen Bug in eurem Plugin gefunden.
    Trägt man eine Zahl unter „auszuschließende Seiten“ ein, wird dieser wert in das nächste Feld „anzeige Tiefe“ übernommen.
    Dann noch eine Frage, könntet man nicht die Funktion von King cat ( Menueanzeige in bestimmter Kat auf dieses Plugin übertragen ??)

    Viele Grüße Klaus

  24. Naa's Gravatar Naa
    29.08.2006 at 2:23

    I installed the widget (and frame work) and have the fold page installed but in the sidebar widgets the option won’t stay check and the child pages won’t show up.

  25. Daði's Gravatar Daði
    26.08.2006 at 1:51

    Another suggestion.

    King Sideblog Plugin that allows more option than current sideblog plugins.

    More importantly, King Comments, to deceide wrom which catecories most recent comments are show and etc. Would be an exelent plugin to go with i.e Catecory Visibiliy plugin!

    King Plugins otherwise rock!

    Thanks a lot.

  26. Daði's Gravatar Daði
    26.08.2006 at 1:49

    Another suggestion.

    King Sideblog Plugin that allows more option than current sideblog plugins.

    More importantly, King Comments, to deceide wrom which catecories most recent comments are show and etc. Would be an exelent plugin to go with i.e Catecory Visibiliy plugin!

    King Plugins otherwise rock!

  27. 18.08.2006 at 18:22


    Another suggestion. Same as for the King text plugin. It would be very nice to have the possibility of areas multi selection in the functionality Where to show.


  28. 18.08.2006 at 18:19

    Hi nice done,

    May be it would be nice to have the possibility of hiding levels in the tree from the root. Fo example to display only pages on level 2 (or may be i didn’t understand how to set the plugin).

    Thanks for reply

  29. AO's Gravatar AO
    18.08.2006 at 17:42

    HELP !!

    Well search a PAEG widget that allow Bullets and fancy display. I found none if you could allow more customize on you KING PAGES ( adding some signes before eache Pages link like you done in the KING LINKS)
    or more better a ( function ar more better a image bullets! a dont undestand why sicne the the widget the pages listes are ugly whereas in teh pas it was better: with graphic bullets .; thanx !!!!

  30. 15.08.2006 at 3:16

    Your plugins are indeed exceellent, however, I am having some issues with a few of them. I wwill post those issues in each posst, so as not to clutter up one. This widget is, when looked at on the front-end, showwing the menu items in a list format, which is completely screwing with the breakspaces and font size of not only itself, but also some other widgets (namely the Category widget).

  31. RobertK's Gravatar RobertK
    12.07.2006 at 17:40

    Thanks for your cool King plugins :-)

    Following features would be fine:
    – Option to show only the latest 10 (or any other number) pages
    – Show alphabetical index #A-Z of pages, something like the WP-SNAP! plugin (but for pages):

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