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Wappen King RSS Widget WordPressIt´s Sunday again … well,  time to spam the Net with another wild King Widget. It took me some time to figure out what i could do to an RSS Widget to make it a little more geek-orientated.

Last night i found the solution. I got inspired by a WordPress RSS Plugin made by the SimplePie Team. The Plugin did not threw me of my chair but SimplePie provides a pretty neat looking RSS-Feed-Mangeling – Class  which i instinctivly had to check.  The time was well spend and the SimplePie RSS class is really doing a good job.

Anyway enough of those boring "under the hood"-details, you came here for an RSS Widget. King RSS allows you to have a different looking feed in every widget. It has HTML fields with placeholders (%title% / %link% ..) to configure the feed title information and each feed list item. If course you also have some switches to play with, there is an Ad-Stripper, a caching mechanism, configurable feed text length, No. of feed items …go check the features.

Before i forget, you can also use a feed function inside your template (Documentation comming soon). 



Version 0.52

NEW: Remote Version Check.

Bugfixes: Problems when displaying only in a special category/Area, faulty stripads call.  Thanks to Vidal


initial Version 0.5 

– HTML Fields which take template Code for displaying the RSS. Those fields have placeholders for:

  • RSS Feed Title Information: Site URL / Feed Image /RSS URL / RSS Icon
  • RSS Item Stuff: author / categories / date  / link / text

– Configurable feed item date with php time syntax

– Configurable feed item text length or full article

– No. of feed items to display 

– Switch to default settings

– Configurable Error Message when feed can´t be reached

– strip ads out of the feed (google / Doubleklick / pheedo)

– Caching mechanism with option to clear cache folder (there´s is no cachetime field, because SimplePie is working on a better fetching)

– function to use inside your templates (indipenditly from widget)

– HTML fields to customize HTML before/after widget

– Fully localizable with gettext Translation (German Translation included in framework)

– Set on which Website Area to show the Widget. Options are:

  • show "NOT on special page area" which can be combined with "Show in Category" (List/Article)
  • show on Home / Search / Archive / Author or 404 page
  • show on all or special single Page. You can set the id or slug of the Page where to show
  • show on all or special single Article You can set the id or slug of the Article where to show
  • show on all or special Category Listing You can set the id of the Category where to show
  • Show if inside a Category (with ID). For Category Listings and also Articles

You find all Options explained in the WordPress Codex in Conditional Tags  make sure to definitly read this if you are using those Options!

– based on the king widget framework

Screenshot / Screencast

English Admin Screens

king_rss_engl_admin_1.jpg king_rss_english_admin_screenshot 1.jpg

king_rss_engl_admin_2.jpg king_rss_english_admin_screenshot 2.jpg

German Admin Screens

king_rss_german_admin_1.jpg king_rss_german_admin_screenshot_1.jpg

king_rss_german_admin_2.jpg king_rss_german_admin_screenshot 2.jpg

Screencast (English)

Quick and dirty swf video with a rough overview of the basic features

 Comming Features

– lazy loading, so that the site is build up and then the feed is loaded
– implement more of SimplePie´s Class Features
– more Options for the formating

– Whatever you might suggest… 


Of course you should have wordpress widgets installed and activated. If not, you can find the download and install instructions over at

– Copy king-rss.php into your plugins widget folder -> where your widgets.php is !!!

– Copy the widget Framework in /king-includes into /plugins (need new version from 18.06.2006)!!

– activate in Pluginarea.

– Drag the King RSSWidget on one of your sidebars, set default Options first and then play with it.

–  Your Cache folder MUST have write Permissions  depending on your server (777). I´m using the same cache folder like WordPress, in "wp-content/cache/" , so in most cases the permissions should already be set.


I did not had the opportunity to test all kinds of RSS Feeds. Therefore there might be some hidden Bugs or more needed features.

Atm don´t have the time to write an extensive tutorial. If you are a total beginner in html and wordpress you probably just want to use the original wp rss widget. If you still want to try i made a default switch to give you a descent start.

If you want to use the RSS Function inside your templates, please stay tuned i´ll document that after i´ll get the first feedback. 

I have changed the License. It is not GPL for this widget. You are free to use it in private and charity enviroment. If you are using it for commercial purposes please contact me for a little licence fee and enhanced support.


Version 0.52 (22.06.2006 15:14)
don´t forget to download the king-widget framework
!! Needs new Version of Framework from 22.06.2006 !! (or newer)


Please don´t hesitate to give me a feedback if this is usefull or if you think you found a bug!

Have fun! 

Georg Leciejewski


35 Comments to WordPress Widget King RSS

  1. 20.09.2008 at 10:52

    Same as LazyHippy, I’m having problem installing it in WordPress 2.2.2

  2. 01.09.2008 at 6:54


  3. mnmr's Gravatar mnmr
    24.09.2007 at 17:01

    Yup. It doesn’t work with WP 2.2

    activating the framework will throw this up:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_admin_page_title() in /home/domain/public_html/wp-admin/admin-header.php on line 12

    hope this error call helps the future development.


  4. 09.08.2007 at 7:03

    Same as LazyHippy, I’m having problem installing it in WordPress 2.2.2. I don’t think this widget works with integrated Sidebar Widgets plugin. 😐

  5. 19.06.2007 at 9:10

    Doesn’t seem to work with the latest WP…


    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_admin_page_title() in /home/wordpress-path/wp-admin/admin-header.php on line 12

    When I activate it.

  6. 19.06.2007 at 8:59

    Looks like your getting a lot of spam comments here mate! Seems like a cool plugin… just gonna see if it works with WP2.2

  7. 11.06.2007 at 19:18

    I am glad to post my views and points in this blog, but I must say that webmaster of this blog has done a very great job to make his blog more informative and more discussable but unfortunately everthing is same here that more than 80% in this and other blogs

  8. 07.06.2007 at 18:10


  9. 02.06.2007 at 17:24

    very nice site

  10. 01.06.2007 at 20:38

    i use RSS on my website and doing really great job

  11. Bierflesje's Gravatar Bierflesje
    11.04.2007 at 15:42

    It’s mentioned before but could you please write some documentation/hints (functionnames would be a great start) for using a feed function inside templates?

  12. ovidiu's Gravatar ovidiu
    21.12.2006 at 10:38

    hi there,

    I am using this widget to display latest posts, by using a feed, it looks like this atm: check out the sidebar.
    but as these are posts from diffferent blogs, I would like to show it in the following format:

    post title
    blog url
    post text

    I am not sure how to show the blog url, if I use %link% it gives me the whole url to the post, I just want the basica blog url…

    any help?

  13. Administrator's Gravatar Administrator
    29.11.2006 at 13:56

    i´m using the simplePie rss reader library and i only depend on its parsing intelligence. so if the content is not read this might be due to a lack of parsing from simplePie.
    But there is a new SimplePie version out and i recoded nearly all my widgets, so maybe the new version can parse the feed

  14. 29.11.2006 at 12:54

    Great plugin, but is there a way so that we can add custom tags? For instance, I’m trying to get it to work with a script that lets you pull your flickr favorites and converts it into a rss feed. The only problem is that it uses the following syntax:

    Foto de

    Which does work, because of the content:encoded tag. I’ve tried replacing it and using other tags, but then it doesn’t work.

    The script can be found here:

    I would really appreciate it!

  15. 25.11.2006 at 11:28

    good text , thank

  16. 22.11.2006 at 20:01

    Awesome widget, btw. Clearly the best of breed for pulling RSS into a sidebar.

  17. 10.11.2006 at 20:34

    The simplepie library supports two keywords for displaying the feed’s description: showdesc and shortdesc. I noticed that you’ve only included support for the shortdesc which strips all of the html tags out. As such I’ve had to use their WordPress plugin, with the King Text Widget in order to display the thumbnails from my photoblog feed. Any chance you might add support for the showdesc keyword?

  18. 26.10.2006 at 3:45

    Great widget! Makes it looks so much better then the standard RSS widget. I’m a little confused. Looks like a Google reader RSS (like this one = must call the title of an article something wierd, When I use your widget the google reader feed puts the originating site name in as the %title%. So instead of „Visa Cuts Off“ it says „Slashdot“
    Sorry to be a bother.

  19. 26.09.2006 at 16:34

    Php is not my thing – but with wordpress I’m just getting into hacking it – so I will take a look. When you are in Berlin – say hello to c-Base for me :)

  20. 26.09.2006 at 6:46

    I’d like to now the syntax for using a feed function inside templates (Documentation comming soon)?

    Ideally I want to be able to do this in posts and pages too. You should probably mention that you cannot have this widget and the SimplePie plugin at the same time!

  21. 17.09.2006 at 22:20

    I’d love to be able to limit the number of characters in the post title.

    Awesome widget, btw. Clearly the best of breed for pulling RSS into a sidebar.

  22. Administrator's Gravatar Administrator
    31.08.2006 at 0:26

    of course no problem. you can define one widget area for that page and drag all your feeds in there.
    the feed output itself is completely configurable over the widgets admin area

  23. Evan's Gravatar Evan
    30.08.2006 at 18:52

    I have about 5-6 feeds that I’d like to use on 1 page and only list maybe the latest 4-5 feed links from each – is that possible?

  24. 25.07.2006 at 12:28

    Is there no way to use this for XML feeds too – might be a silly question but I know nothing about this stuff! Thanks

  25. porcupine's Gravatar porcupine
    24.07.2006 at 12:23

    The plugin looks so sweeeet :)

    I am wondering if there is any image support however…

  26. 23.07.2006 at 16:26

    THere is a bug in this I think… when I installed it after a Comments widget it through up a faulty xml language line and threw out my whole sidebars….!

  27. 16.07.2006 at 20:00

    Love the RSS widget. Great job with it!

    Feature request:
    I would love to see an option for random items.

  28. 27.06.2006 at 8:13

    You go to implement accent?
    ex: português and not portugu?s.

  29. 23.06.2006 at 2:12

    Hey, would you be interested in Swedish translations? I would like to get in touch with you since I will soon be releasing a couple of themes with a pretty unique way of using widgets – and your „content widget“ sounds like something similar to what I do. If this sounds interesting, drop me a note!

  30. 22.06.2006 at 14:36

    Hi, I’m using your great plugin,
    If got a little error with your plugin.
    I’m running 2 King RSS widgets and I want to display the rss feed on a specified categorie in the options of the king rss widget.
    But I get this error: check here

    And what does mean „Area ID“?

    Hope you can help


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