WordPress Plugin: Search Hilite


The Search Hilite Plugin highlites Search-Words, from external Searches over Yahoo,Google, Lycos and Baidu, as well as WordPress internal Searches, on the Search Results-Pages.

German: Der Search Hilite Plugin markiert im WordPress eingegebene Suchbegriffe in den Suchergebnissen.

My enhancements of the Plugin started with the original Version 1.5 by Ryan Boren (Thanks 4 your Work).


Version 1.9 – 15.07.2006

–  4 color hiliting of different search words. One colour was simply not exiting enough
– remote Version check
– put files in own folder

Version 1.8 – 29.06.2006
– added Support for Baidu, the most popular Chinese Searchengine. Thanks to Xuefeng Li who progged this.

!! Depending on your Server you might need to give the included TXT File the proper Reading permissions(chmod) !!

Version 1.7 – 18.01.2006
– highliting of found word parts, meaning if you search for "love" only love is marked in lovemachine
– option to use the css Style from your stylesheet (so your head looks a little cleaner)
– some code cleaning

Version 1.6 – 24.10.2005
– Removed an error when you used your page name inside your page it sometimes marked this too, without having entered a search string.
– Build an admin options page, where you are now able to insert your highlite css string. It was hardcoded in the plugin before.
– German translation


– Delete old Version from plugin folder and upload new version folder /search-hilite/ to plugins

– go into the options panel and set you css or leave everything empty to use the default settings

– save and start searching 


Version 1.9 (with lang file) (15.07.2006 00:47)


German Version 1.8 (29.06.2006 00:14)

English Version 1.8 (29.06.2006 00:08)


Please submit any problems or drop me note of needed development.



64 Comments to WordPress Plugin: Search Hilite

  1. 25.04.2009 at 15:42

    Well, the fact that the latest version is dated 15.07.2006 might explain some of the recent problems…

  2. 20.03.2009 at 7:13

    Hi, this plugin work well for me, but when i’ve installed “the_excerpt Reloaded” plugin the hilite search seems dose not work… Can you check if those plugins can works togheter? Tks.

  3. 21.12.2008 at 4:13

    Great plugin, thank you much!

    The only problem I’m having is that in Firefox it always just hilite’s the letter „T“. Not all the time, but most of the time. And it definitely won’t hilite the words that were searched for. Works fine in Chrome & IE7. Any ideas?

  4. Peter's Gravatar Peter
    16.04.2008 at 10:36

    Could the user read complete content of posts/pages searched? Not only show text searched.

  5. 20.12.2007 at 8:31

    Danke fürs Plugin. Kann ich sehr gut gebrauchen

  6. 18.12.2007 at 21:24

    Klasse Plugin, vorallem in Verbindung mit einer Landing Seite.
    Vielen Dank.

  7. 11.07.2007 at 18:05

    Ich würde das Plugin sehr gerne nutzen, aber leider bekomme ich es nicht zum Laufen. Es ist aktiviert, die Stylesheets im Header sind da, aber wenn ich über eine Google-Suchanfrage gehe oder über die WP-interne Suche, werden die Suchbegriffe nicht hervorgehoben. Im Quelltext ist auch keine Auszeichnung zu sehen. Ist bekannt, ob sich das Plugin mit anderen beisst? Oder habe ich eine Einstellung übersehen?

  8. Freenk's Gravatar Freenk
    09.03.2007 at 2:57

    Hi, this plugin work well for me, but when i’ve installed „the_excerpt Reloaded“ plugin the hilite search seems dose not work… Can you check if those plugins can works togheter? Tks.

  9. Enc's Gravatar Enc
    05.02.2007 at 16:33

    Is Search-Hilite (great pluign by the way!) compatible to wordpress 2.1? Thanks for your help! Greeets, Ergolon

  10. 26.01.2007 at 5:08

    I’ve made a translation to spanish of version 1.9. How could I send it to you?

    I made a search using wordpress engine and titles were not resalted.

  11. 22.01.2007 at 14:07

    Dein Plugin funktioniert super-
    aber, wenn jemand nach „Web 2.0 Definition“ sucht und dann über google auf meine kommt,
    sind alle hervorgehobenen Umlaute extreme Fantasiezeichen

    „f2;r “ so sieht dies dann aus,
    ich habe so gar keinen Durchblick derzeit wieso?
    Hast Du eine Lösung?


  12. 22.01.2007 at 7:35

    Thanks for your great plugin. It works amazingly. However I’ve a small observation even one letter keyword getting highlighted, this making page look wierd becuase it highlights that one letter whereever it appears on page. may be a entire word search option would solve this problem. Could you please consider this in your next release plan (if any). I’ve modified your plugin a bit to highlight in search excerpts also (not a big deal) and now it works perfectly matching with my requirement (i’ve done this for Thanks.

  13. 19.12.2006 at 23:14

    Just to let everyone know, this plugin works with Google reader. Borens version 1.2 did not.

  14. 13.12.2006 at 22:43

    Hi Schorsch,

    vielen Dank für dieses Plugin. Ich bin durch und durch darauf aufmerksam geworden. Es scheint, auch wenn meine Seite noch in den Kinderschuhen steckt und sich noch im Aufbau befindet, zu funktionieren. :) Einzig das mit dem CSS muss ich – für mich – irgendwann noch einmal testen.


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