WordPress Update Version 2.2

The WordPress Team has launched another update with a lot of improvements under hood. I just want to mention two important ones and share my thoughts on them.

The first one is the native support of Widgets, the second one is the inclusion of the oh so great Javascript library jQuery.


Its nice to see the widgets finally in the core, but i´m absolutly not satisfied with the implementation. There still is a whole lot of Javascript generated in the head section of the widgets edit page. Come on guys, now that you have the ease of jQuery, use a little DOM Traversal!

Here you can view / download my jQueryfied extended Widgets plugin, which i´m using in my WordPress projects for quite some time. The associated javascript using jQuery can be seen here. This can can be of course enhanced, and is by far perfect. But it saves you a damn lot of javascript and makes the widgets interface really fast when you are having a whole bunch of widgets (especially king widgets). And you absolutly don´t have the need for generated inline javascript.

The second thing where the wordpress team still has a loooot to do, is the posting page. I was really shocked by those 10-14 javascript includes on the edit page when the 2.0 update came out. But despite the switching to jQuery the situation in there hasn´t significantly changed. I would say it has become even worse. I have never seen such a javascript lib mashup like in there … its a wonder that all this is still working. In the current version they also started to have some dynamicly generated inline Javscript … puh what a mess. Pleasy guys kill all third party libs and just stick to jQuery Plugins without any inline javascripting.

Well that´s just some quick thoughts after looking in the mentioned sections for 2 minutes. Still WordPress is the CMS / Blog System of my choice, for a whole bunch of reasons. I´m sure the team will tackle those probs in the future, and we should not forget that they are doing this in their free time.

Keep up your work Thanks!

11 Comments to WordPress Update Version 2.2

  1. 11.09.2008 at 13:49

    Jetzt glaub ich steht schon wieder ein neues Update in den Startlöchern ich würde mich freuen wenn das Updaten automatisch gehen würde. Aber auch so finde ich es toll, dass man sich mit den Fehlern beschäftigt und ann entsprechende Updates zur Verfügung stellt.

  2. DLE's Gravatar DLE
    03.06.2007 at 5:43

    Is anything being done to fix all your wonderful widgets so that they work with WP 2.2? They power my entire blog and now they don’t work. I depend on King Links and King Text quite a bit. I’ve got tons of modifications to my sidebar running inside those two widgets.

    If you’re in the process of updating them, please let us know!


  3. 27.05.2007 at 17:04

    I saw in the WP support pages where commenting out the include widgets.php line in King Text repairs the problem. I tried this and though the plug in now works none of the ajax seems to work and the widget runs down the page without any style (outside the original box).

    Any suggestions?

  4. florjan's Gravatar florjan
    24.05.2007 at 17:56

    leider war ich auch bei intensivem stöbern in deiner googlecode-sammlung nicht imstande, das king text widget mit wordpress 2.2 wieder zum laufen zu bekommen, so dass auf meiner seite nun wichtige elemente fehlen.

    gibt es inzwischen ein fix für wp2.2 oder kannst du mir zumindest sagen, wo ich in meinen datenbanktabellen die inhalte der bisherigen king-text-widgets finde?

    vielen dank!

  5. 23.05.2007 at 15:00

    wow, and a bunch of WP errors were just generated when I submitted that comment. The comment was still sent, as when I tried to resend it, I had a German error stating it was a duplicate comment (I think).

  6. 23.05.2007 at 14:59

    Hi there.
    Couple of quick things

    1) There are a number of unanswered comments across your excellect WP plugin posts, mostly revolving around issues with WP 2.2 – I think most of them can be fixed by modifying the code so prototype is correctly pointed to. Once I made the changes suggested in one comments section, I was then able to use your plugins again. Others don’t seem to have found and implemented the same changes.

    2) You NEED a PayPal donate button :) If you don’t want to install one for some reason, but are happy to receive donations, mail me your PayPal address and I’ll donate a little. Not a lot sadly, as my income isn’t too great, but I wanted to buy you the equivalent of a couple of beers to say thanks for all your hard work. (Confession time, I accidentally donated to Alex King 6 months ago, when I assumed you were the same person 😐 Sorry. I use plugins from both of you, so no harm really)

    entschuldigung, aber mein Deutsche ist nicht so gut…

  7. DLE's Gravatar DLE
    21.05.2007 at 7:52

    I use your King Links and King Text to generate almost all of my sidebar. After updating to WP 2.2 everything is broken! Can’t get either plugin to work, so now my blog is whacked.

    I love your plugins, but how do I get them to work now that the WordPress folks have incorporated widgets as part of the code and moved the widgets.php file?

    Any help would be appreciated!

  8. puzz1ed1's Gravatar puzz1ed1
    17.05.2007 at 21:25

    glad to know that it’s not me afterall – tried all sorts of things to get the site back up again before realising it was the king widgets upsetting things. Looking forward to seeing them work with 2.2 :)

  9. 17.05.2007 at 14:00

    Yes, in causes of the integration of the Widgets in WordPress 2.2 directly, I can’t use King Text. I’m not able to place PHP/HTML-Code in Widgets anymore because King doesn’t work. I can’t activate the Plugin.

  10. 17.05.2007 at 13:42

    Guten Tag,
    Care to tell everyone how you trimmed the widgets. I looked at the links but there is just code and for those of us who are not coders it makes little sense. Do you replace something in WP with that or is it added somewhere?

    How would it be used in 2.2 since widgets are part of it and appear in two places (wp-admin and wp-includes)?

    Also, are the King widgets going to be modified to work with 2.2? I get a call to an undefined function when I use them with 2.2 on another site.


    (About the extent of my German though I can get ask for directions, a toilet and food).

    I spent 2 years in Baumholder…(loved it there)