WordPress Widget: King Categories

wordPres Widget King CategoriesFirst off i must say that the wordpress widgets plugin deeply impressed me. In fact, half an hour after MP:Ole pointed me to it, i had my first widget written.

Widgets will revolutionize the way normal users can interact with wordpress.

Therefore i wanted to write a plugin for one of the most used  (and at least by me, most hated) wordpress template placeholder … the list_cats() It´s used for the category listing in the sidebar or somewhere else in your Website.
This function has a big ass eighteen Variables long parameter list, which let me struggle again and again. Also because there are big differences between setting a var to "false" or "0" (nicely mixed up in template-functions-category.php Line: 277 ).
I always ended up in an hour of trial and error until i had my custom category navigation build.

Anyway this WordPress Widget will hopefully wipe away your fear of the list categories function and makes it easy to screw around in the category navigation.

Features / Changelog 

Version 0.93

– BUG when selected show only in xy Category widget would show everywhere (thanks Klaus)


Version 0.92

– NEW Remote Version check

– NEW Complete "Where To Show" Options. With the new option to have a comma seperated list of siteArea´s (single Pages/ID/Slugs) where to show

– NEW copy Options from another category widget
– NEW Options dumper

Version 0.85

– small fixes to ensure compatibility with new framework structure
– nicer JS Menu using moofx (framework improvement)
– Help Titles are now shown only in widget area (framework improvement)
– changed widget admin title back to "King Cat xy" because with my widget title hack you need the place to show the real title

Version 0.8

– Enhanced JS Navigation for Widget Options. It now fits better on small Monitors and does not overwelm you that much :-)

– Option to use the Fold Category Navigation if installed

– Bugfix in Setting of Default Option

– renamed widget header to "King Category Menu xx" 

– Moved Framework into new Folder ->plugins/king-includes/ 

– moved Admin Head includes into framework 

Known Issues:

– The JS Accordeon Admin Menu is now closing the right way if multiple instances of the widget are used. But not in IE..the settings are not influenced by this! Read more in the Framework Article.

Maybe some JavaScript Pro can assist me with that … Help!


Version 0.71

– MULTIPLE Category Menu´s

– 4 HTML fields to customize before/after Widget and Title 

– Option to insert default category menu options 

– enhanced underlying Framework (If you don´t want to change the engine .. no need to look under the hood) 

Version 0.6 

– 15 Option fields to set all Category List options – list_cats() in Admin Widget Area resulting in a fully customizable Category menu without coding.

– option for debugging output in Frontend

– js help tooltips

– full gettext translation currently available languages: German / English


Version 0.8 Widget Admin Area with new AJAX Foldable Menu (this has slightly changed with version 0.85 and look a bit nicer..screens will follow )


King Category Admin Screen Ajax Menu


 Version 0.7  English and German Admin Screen.Please Klick to enlarge.

 King Category Admin Screen WordPressKing Category Admin Screen WordPress

Multiple WordPress category Menu

 Comming Features

– Option to show a Category menu only under a given Category. Very usefull if you have deeply nested Categories… if you need this urgendly write me because it´s nearly finished

copy Options from another category widget

– Options dumper

– option to toggle help titles on/off because they apply to every label elemet in admin area or maybe different implementation method (Ajax)

– fold the admin menu to group the options into smaller sets because the popup is kinda big right now on small monitors and might be confusing for beginners 

– Foldable category list 

– more than one Category Navigation like text or rss widget fields

– before and after fields for layout can be set in Admin Area



Of course you should have wordpress widgets installed and activated. If not, you can find the download and install instructions over at

– Copy king_categories.php into your plugins widget folder -> where your widgets.php is !!!

– Copy king-includes (the widget Framework) into plugins 

– activate in Pluginarea.

– Drag the King Categories Widget on one of your sidebars and play with the options. In the Advanced Options Tab you´ll find a switch for inserting WordPress Defaults to get a Start.


– Copy king_categories.php over your existing File.

– Since the Framework was moved you should delete the existing king-includes folder and copy the new king-includes into the /plugins Rootfolder

– The name of the Widget has changed (again sorry) so you need to drop it again onto your sidebar



Version 0.93 (05.09.2006 09:47)


Version 0.92

 – needs the King Widget framework  from version 0.70 and up (03.09.2006 14:50)


Version 0.85 

 – the King Widget framework is now keept seperate, make sure you get it too (07.05.2006 03:35)


Old Versions

Version 0.8

–  including king-includes (the widget framework) svn Version 102
– german mo and po files (23.04.2006 19:38)


Version 0.71

– including german po and mo files
– including king widget framework in king_widgets_inc (15.04.2006 15:34)

Please don´t hesitate to give me a feedback if this is usefull or if you think you found a bug!

Have fun! 

Georg Leciejewski

101 Comments to WordPress Widget: King Categories

  1. Neeraj's Gravatar Neeraj
    02.07.2008 at 0:18

    I get the same “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.” when activating king-categories.php. I have to place it in the wp-content/plugins/ folder else it does not show up in the Plugins area. And then it gives the error stated above. Note that the plugins directory does does not have a widgets.php file which you seem to include in the code of king_categories.php.

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